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Hampden isn't just a manufacturer; it's and equipment design and developer.  This enables us to customize products and options that adapt to changes in your needs.

In a time when too many products are made to meet a generic objective and sacrifice quality for lower price, Hampden continues to stand proudly behind the fact our products are made in the United States.

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The Hampden Model H-FCTT-1 Fuel Cell Technology Trainer allows the student to create a grid independent power supply that uses only hydrogen as its fuel.  The system familiarizes the student with fuel cell power supply technology, an environmentally friendly method of venerating power directly from a hydrogen reaction.  Fuel cells are the most promising alternate energy supply and are already being used in a number of areas, including automotive engineering and power generation systems.

The Model H-FCCTT-1 can also be connected to an external energy source such as a solar or wind generator for comparison between the different technologies.



The Hampden Model H-SST-1 Solar Heat System Trainer is an actual solar hot water heating system.

System components include:

  • Solar Collector

  • Circulation Pumps

  • Storage Tanks

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Air Separator

  • Air Handler

  • Solar Heating Coil

  • Automatic Air Bents

  • Thermostat

  • Control Panel with Sensors

Gauges, thermometers, and flow meters permit students to observe pressures temperatures, and flow rate while the system is in operation.  The trainer is mounted on a mobile frame and the collector panel is adjustable for easy positioning in direct sunlight.


The Hampden Model H-SPT-AC Photovoltaic Trainer consists of:

  • Three solar photovoltaic modules with a nominal voltage output of 15.5V DC at 2026A

  • An inverter that converts the DC to single-phase AC

  • A high-capacity solar batter

  • Controls to monitor power from solar modules and to switch to battery power when necessary

  • Six teat points

  • Two power take-off points (12V DC and 120VAC)

  • A 0-20VDC voltmeter

  • A multi-range DC ammeter

  • A 0-150V AC voltmeter


The Hampden Model H-6515 Anaerobic Digester is a bench top trainer designed to demonstrate the fundamentals of the anaerobic treatment processes.  Anaerobic treatment processes involve bacteria which function only in the absence of air.  These processes are becoming more popular in the water treatment industry, as they have considerable advantages over aerobic processes, including low sludge production, tolerance of stop\start operation, production of a useful fuel (methane), and relatively high throughput.


The Hampden Model H-6518 Aerobic Digester is a bench top trainer designed as a comprehensive study facility of biological water treatment processes.

A synthetically prepared waste water is used to gain a working knowledge of the operational parameters and purification efficiencies.


The Hampden Model H-h-sst-2 Mobile Solar Trainer provides students with hands-on practice in studying a wide variety of solar concepts.  Advanced students may take advantage of the application tasks that can be used to build space heating, domestic hot water, water-to-air heat exchange, heat storage and many other systems.  It is small and compact for ease of use in the classroom and mobile for operation at a remote site.



The Hampden Model H-WPG-1 Wind Powered Generator has been designed to provide the student with the basic understanding of how wind generators function as an alternate source of energy.