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In a time when too many products are made to meet a generic objective and sacrifice quality for lower price, Hampden continues to stand

proudly behind the fact our products are made in the United States.

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                    A "best in the nation" lab requires best in the nation Parker equipment from Hampden.



If your college doesn't use Hampden fluid power trainers, it isn't offering the best in education.  The Hampden system uses Parker fluid products, the dominant supplier to industry.  This  teaches  fluid power the way it's supposed to be taught, with the products that students will be using in industry.  From introductory to advanced study, this is the industry's best training system. 

LJ Create

LJ provides a cost-effective introduction to fluid power.  This system provides a  foundation course for hydraulics and pneumatics.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems

Modular Fluid Power Program

Hydraulic Fault Option


 Hydraulics Systems Maintenance

 Pneumatics Systems Maintenance
































Designed & Built by the Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Training Equipment 

Hydraulic & pneumatic technologies are leading today's fastest growing manufacturing industries into the future. The advantages of speed, flexibility, precision and endurance offered by modern hydraulic & pneumatic products are providing state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions to an ever increasing number of companies worldwide.

Training a workforce to compete in this rapidly expanding technology has become essential. Hampden Engineering Corporation designs and produces a family of hydraulic & pneumatic
training tools specifically tailored to every level of complexity, from introductory programs to advanced design & troubleshooting courses of study.

Our systems ship complete with curriculum as well as teacher manuals, student manuals, operating instructions. 

We also offer the latest in computer interactive software which help students to better understand the courseware in a real-world environment.

Hampden has designed and manufactured industrial training tools for five decades. We know how important your investment is. That's why all our hydraulic & pneumatic products—from basic tabletop modules to the more complex roll-around systems—are designed to stand up to heavy-duty use while also providing excellent portability.

Our systems are rugged enough for use in almost any environment and can be configured with self contained on-board hydraulic & pneumatic air supplies as well as lockable storage areas. Trainers can also be operated from central support systems utilizing manifolds and individual controls.

In addition to our exclusive series of standard hydraulic & pneumatic training tools, our engineers can also easily provide specific equipment modifications and designs per your specifications.

The Hampden MODEL H-FP-223-14 Hydraulic Trainer (left) consists of a heavy-duty mobile bench with a built-in industrial grade 3gpm hydraulic pumping system. A core group of commercial grade hydraulic components (valves, cylinders and gauges) are all clearly labeled and permanently mounted to a vertical panel. Connection hoses & fittings supplied. Courseware included.

The optional Hampden MODEL H-FP-223-14P Pneumatic Trainer (right) is an excellent addition to your hydraulics program. It is usually mounted to the back side of the H-FP-223-14 Hydraulic Trainer or can be mounted separately to its own heavy-duty, mobile stand (shown above). Included is a large selection of commercial grade pneumatic directional valves and cylinders. All components are clearly labeled. Connection hoses & fittings supplied. Courseware included. A compressed air supply may be added as an option if required.

Hampden's Modular Fluid Power Technology Program is designed to demonstrate basic & intermediate hydraulic/pneumatic principles within a classroom environment. These modules are ideally suited to developing students' varying levels of accomplishment while also providing teachers with an easily expandable curriculum.

H-FP/BHS Basic Hydraulics System

H-FP/IHS Intermediate Hydraulics System

H-FP/EHS Electro-Hydraulics System

H-FP/BPS Basic Pneumatics

H-FP/IPS Intermediate Pneumatics

H-FP/EPS Electro-Pneumatics

H-FP/ESS Electronic Sensor System

H-FP/MTS Basic Mechanisms System

H-FP/HPS Mobile Hydraulic Supply

H-FP/PPS Pneumatics Air Supply

H-FP/H-6032 Mobile Hydraulic Bench

H-FP/ESS Electronic Sensor System

H-FP/MTS Basic Mechanisms System

H-FP/H-6032 Mobile Hydraulic Bench

H-FP/HPS Mobile Hydraulic Supply

H-FP/PPS Pneumatics Air Supply

H-FP/HPS Mobile Hydraulic Supply supports up to three hydraulic systems.


The Hampden Fluid Power Learning System is a completely self-contained mobile training system designed to demonstrate the principles and practices of hydraulic & pneumatic power transfer. Study segments offered include; Basic Hydraulics, Advanced Hydraulics, Electro-Hydraulics, Basic Pneumatics, Fluidics. and Electro-Hydraulics  All segments are designed around the H-FP/6032 Bench which includes the hydraulic pump, reservoir and an experimental hardware package. Optional Air compressor may be included with pneumatic programs of study.

The Hampden MODEL H-FP-223-15 Electro-Pneumatic Trainer consists a wide selection of commercial grade electro-pneumatic hardware mounted to a vertical panel above a mobile bench which includes a lockable storage cabinet.. A very popular choice among educators because of the variety of set-ups available for demonstration. Includes tubing, tees, plugs, experimental hardware and courseware. Optional three gallon Pneumatic air supply with high torque motor available.

Industry Leading Products & Hampden Engineering

Automation Studio is a completely integrated software package that allows users to design, simulate and animate circuits consisting of various automation technologies including pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC’s, Grafcet and electrical controls. Automation Studio is the ideal CAD and simulation tool for teachers, students and engineers.

With the new Allen Bradley PLC Ladder Logic Library of Automation Studio, students can now learn PLC automation in the classroom, simply and efficiently

Since they do not have to learn the PLC programming software most manufacturer supply and that are not training, students can concentrate on the principles of PLC controls and not waste time learning another interface

The Automation Studio I/O Interface Kit includes a PC Interface card, a Relay Booster Box and connection cables. The kit allows an IBM or compatible computer running Automation Studio to be connected to 24 VDC digital inputs and outputs. This can be a programmable logic controller (PLC) or any such field devices as solenoid valves, push buttons, and others. All Libraries are included

Pneumatic Library

Hydraulic Library

Electrical Control Library

PLC Ladder Logic Library

Grafcet (SFC) Library

Digital Electronics Library

Bill of material and Catalog Link module



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