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The Exploring Science Program

The Exploring Science curriculum has been specifically created for use with the SciTEK Science Cart. This comprehensive package of curriculum materials and hands-on practical experiment kits covers 79 different topics and provides 36 hands-on activities to support those topics. Each topic can be presented by the teacher as a front-of-class lesson.

Where applicable, the associated practical experiment can be performed by the teacher. If required, additional sets of the kits can be purchased, allowing groups of students to undertake the practical experiments themselves.

The unique design of the HTML-based “eContent” enables either a paper-based delivery, for situations where student access to computers is limited, or if there are sufficient computers, the materials can be delivered as student centered learning material. If the classroom management option is selected, all computer-based student activities and assessments will be automatically tracked and individual records made for each student.

  • Lessons are directly correlated to the NSES 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Science.
  • Hands-on practical work
  • Teacher presentations and assessments for the whole class
  • IT-based teacher resources including videos, animations and simulations
  • Data logging
  • HTML-based student lessons
  • Practice tests for standardised science assessments
  • Instant assessment and reporting options
  • On-line assessment and whole class practice system options
  • Comprehensive inquiry-based worksheets and labs
  • Mobile resources - make any classroom a science lab


Exploring Science Topic Areas



Click here to view the Exploring Science topic areas (pdf).


"We are very excited by the way the new science teaching systems have impacted our elementary grades. In this years (2006) TAKS, we have seen gains in the elementary science scores in excess of 45%, which is really excellent. We have committed to install the new Middle School Program in all three grade levels of our three middle schools and we will look closely at the High School Science Program from LJ for our Ninth Grade Campus and our High School."

Joe D Gonzalez.
Superintendent, Donna ISD.

Click here to read the full article (pdf)