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Model HST-200-3918 Cordless Power Panel

      UL CertifiedApproved Power Supplies and Instruments

Finally, one power source for all your science lab power needs!

Hampden Engineering's Cordless Console allows instructors to quickly and conveniently connects laboratory workstations with sources of alternating current and highly regulated direct current..  The panel feeds power to electrical service units strategically located throughout the laboratory service islands or fixed laboratory benches.

Through the panel system, the instructor can regulate the appropriate voltage for the experimentation to the student’s station.  The console provides a safe power usage environment in the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, and related science curriculums.  The Hampden Cordless Panel System carries the UL Label. 

Hampden’s Cordless Consoles provide power throughout the laboratory.  They also provide data communication from a central location in the classroom or prep room for computer systems, printers, and network operations.

The Hampden Variable AC/DC Cordless Console allows a selection of both direct current and alternating current to the instructor and the student. The instructor is allowed to dictate to the student by means of the panel system, the appropriate voltage for the experimentation.

Because safety in any laboratory setting is of the utmost importance, the Hampden Cordless Console provides a safe environment concerning power usage for experimentation in the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and related science curriculums. The Hampden Cordless Panel System carries the U/L Label, as does all of Hampden's equipment to show our commitment to safety.

 Cordless Consoles

Hampden's Cordless Consoles provide power throughout the laboratory. They also provide data communication for both computer systems, printers and network operations coordinated from a central location in the classroom or in the prep room.


Exclusive Features

  • Centrally controlled console
  • Variety of power ranges available to instructor and the student station
  • Multiple power, both AC and DC available to instructor and student stations
  • Controlled, fixed power to the student stations
  • Complete Electrical Safety
  • U/L listed System
Used in Curriculum Areas: Experimental Topics:
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physical Science
  • PhysiologyEarth
  • General Science
  • Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Astronomy
  • Material Sciences
  • Mechanics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Wave Motion
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Light and OpticsChemical Bonding
  • Electro chemistry
  • Solutions of Electrolights
  • Energy and Disorder
  • Oxidation-Reduction
  • Conductivity
Each Linear Switch on the Hampden CORDLESS corresponds to a branch circuit. To operate, the instructor simply moves the appropriate switch linearly to the required supply and turns it ON. The quick make-quick break Linear Switch makes a fast and sure connection conveniently and correctly every time. Note that the Linear Switch must be turned OFF before it can be moved, in order to bus a different supply. Unlike rotary switches, the Linear Switch cannot make an inadvertent connection to an undesired supply.

The Hampden Cordless also provides the capability of energizing the 120-volt AC outlets throughout the area from the same location, providing main control point and one conduit system.

Linear Switch
Instructor and Student Stations
The instructor and student stations consist of a variety of configurations for both AC/DC power, fixed power, and communication outlets. They can be flush mounted in casework, surface mounted on top of work area and rail mount devices. Communication receptacles can be included for computers, networks or phones for a complete turnkey system. Ground fault production devices are available upon request. Instructor and Student Stations

Individual Power Supplies
These Hampden Power Units complement Linear Switch Panels in Physics and Science laboratories when additional sources of variable voltage is required on a temporary basis. In smaller laboratories, these units may provide adequate power for special project work. A wide variety of models offer fixed or portable housings, metered outputs, and highly regulated DC. Hampden variable voltage units are circuit-breaker protected, and most models are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Each is equipped with a 3-wire power cord that plugs into standard grounding type outlet; a switch key; and a pair of test leads.

Since 1954, Hampden Engineering Corporation has been the foremost manufacturer of electrical power systems for Chemistry, Physics, Science, and Engineering Laboratories. With Hampden's central distribution panel, the instructor always has full control over which workstation outlets are energized and the level of power.

Hampden's Training Program offers safe, on-site workstations for instructors and key personnel. The world-wide popularity of Hampden's training equipment and programs results from the extraordinary collaboration between Hampden engineers and technical educators. Hampden does not simply adopt standard products for international use; Hampden designs each product for the electrical power characteristics of the country in which it will be used, whatever the voltage or frequency.

Portable and Flush Power Supplies


UL Certified