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Using reliable products from these top manufacturers, we develop classrooms with the most appropriate delivery of curriculum

so that students will have a meaningful learning experience as they focus on the applications of science and technology . 


High School Science Program

The Investigating Science curriculum has been specifically created for use with the SciTEK Science Cart. This comprehensive package of curriculum materials and hands-on practical experiment kits cover the following subject areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • General Science

and can be customized to exactly match your specific Science teaching requirements.

Teacher Presentations

Each topic within the Investigating Science curriculum is supported by a dynamic theory presentation created in Microsoft PowerPoint. These presentations feature high quality digital images and integrated assessment questions.

Computer-based Lessons

Topics are supported by a comprehensive series of HTML-based lessons. These provide both teacher and student with all the supporting information and step-by-step instructions needed to fully investigate the topic. Options for delivery include: teacher presentation mode for front of the class demonstrations, student centered mode for individual computer delivery and print mode for complete paper-based delivery.

"I teach physical science and physics which used to be quite hard to do before we had the cart. A lot of the experiments need to be done using pieces of apparatus and we donít have enough for whole class groups.

Now with the cart, I can use the camera and do a front-of-class presentation that all the students can see. As an example, right now, I am covering electricity so I use the basic electrics unit on the cart and I project the experiment to the whole class group."

Ms. Erin Johnson
Science teacher, Mahoning County Career Center, Ohio

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View Investigating Science Lesson Topics and Objectives (pdf)


Student Experiment Materials

Each lesson is supported by a dedicated experiment pack. This contains all the physical resources needed to complete the associated practical experiments. Packs are supplied in plastic storage trays wherever possible and include all the hardware items needed for a particular series of experiments. They can be used by the teacher for front-of-class demonstrations or by the students for hands-on experiments.


Continuous Assessment

One of the unique features of Investigating Science is the continuous assessment. This can be utilized in three ways:

  • Whole class assessment using our wireless assessment system
  • Individual assessment via a classroom management system
  • Assessment using internet-based delivery of the materials via a virtual learning environment.