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LJ Group's Virtual Microscope Turn any whiteboard into a fully operational microscope. The interactive nature of the software, coupled with the excellent tutorial section, enables teachers to effectively demonstrate the use of a microscope in the science lab. The students are then able to examine, via a computer, a series of microscope slides to address a wide range of curriculum requirements, including:


LJ Group's Virtual Microscope
  • Plant slide set - Lily Anther, Lily Ovary, Corn Stem and more.
  • Animal Slide Set Intestines, Ovary, Kidney, Pancreas, Blood Smear, Hydra and more.
  • Fungi Slide Set Lichen (Foliose), Mushroom, and more.
  • Slide Micrometer and Reference Slide.
  • Create your own virtual slide Onion Skin, Human Cheek Cells and Pollen.


LJ Group's Virtual Microscope