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USED DENFORD MICROROUTER--------------------------------------------------------- $7,000

                                                                                                                       (Cost $19,500 New)

Complete With:

Standard Size Denford Microrouter

3D CO2 Car Fixture

QuickCAM 3D Software

10-Hour ScanTEK Curriculum


Dust Collector Vacuum

Table (shown)



          Table size 22 x 10.8

          X Axis travel 22

          Y Axis travel 10.8

          Z Axis travel 3.2                                   

          1.75 HP spindle motor

          2,400 - 24,000 rpm programmable

          Override controls

          Machine weight 330 lbs.

          Electrical supply 110V-60Hz



Wireless Bluetooth Tablet


  Interactivity with Freedom & Mobility

The Wireless Bluetooth Tablet System is a complete interactive solution for the K-12 classroom. Manufactured by Hitachi, this lightweight and portable tool allows teachers to move freely about the room and run any computer application or annotate presentations.  With full control of their interactive lessons from a range of 65 ft, the tablet can be easily passed around to students for illustrating questions and increasing participation in lessons.

CLEARANCE - Only two left!!!


MSRP = $499.00