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We've chosen these reliable products from these top manufacturers to develop classrooms with the most appropriate delivery of curriculum

so that students will have a meaningful learning experience as they focus on the applications of science and technology . 


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User Reference:  Miller Middle School, Marshalltown, Iowa                                                                              

                            Stanley County High School, Ft Pierre, SD                                                                              

Applied Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry,  Bridges to Algebra and Geometry


Model No. Description Price
ST790 ScanMath - Math Remediation Package (per lab) $1,000.00
CC KS551 Key Skills - Numeracy Content $1,850.00
CC KS551/AL Key Skills - Numeracy Annual Service Contract $185.00
CC KTB560 Question Bank - Academic Materials Content $3,000.00
CC KTB560/AL Question Bank - Academic Materials Annual Support Contract $300.00
CC LKS551/AL Key Skills - Numeracy Annual Lease License $450.00
KS551/ 20 Application of Number L1/L2 License for 20 Registrations $370.00
KS551/ 50 Application of Number L1/L2 License for 50 Registrations $870.00
KS551/100 Application of Number L1/L2 License for 100 Registrations $1,620.00
KS551/250 Application of Number L1/L2 License for 250 Registrations $3,750.00
KS551/AL Key Skills - Numeracy L1/L2 $150.00
CCWL/ 250/AL Class Campus Annual License - (250 Registered Users) $1,800.00
CCWL/ 1000/AL Class Campus Annual License - (1,000 Registered Users) $3,000.00
CCWL/10000/AL Class Campus Annual License - (10,000 Registered Users) $3,700.00
CCWL/P/AL Class Campus Annual License - (Unlimited Registered Users) $4,250.00
































Math Remediation Package


This module is a math software program designed to provide support for technology learning modules. The automatic features of this software enable it to become fully integrated with the modules and management system. This module can also be used as a stand alone learning solution.

This student-centered module contains all appropriate hardware, software and curriculum materials. It is ideal for stand-alone study or for integration into a modular program environment. The module is available as a 10-assignment exploratory curriculum and a further 30-assignment in-depth curriculum. Throughout the module, questions are used in conjunction with the ClassAct networked management system, providing instant feedback of student performance. Pre and post-tests are used to track acquired learning. Throughout the curriculum, questions are used to track mathematical and reading ability as well as technical understanding. Each assignment also contains questions that track inventory, ensuring that all the items required are available. All assignments are task based, with hands-on tasks forming the core of the student work. These tasks are accompanied by research activities using materials such as on-screen resources or text books.



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Applied Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry,
  Bridges to Algebra and Geometry

The Contextual Mathematics curriculums developed by CORD engage students in cooperative teams and provides hands-on activities that make mathematics concepts practical and relevant. The curriculum is packaged in individual units for flexible implementation. The instructional design conforms to the standards set by the NCTM and meets workplace competencies set forth by the SCANS report.

ECI applies its high-quality standards to provide all of the necessary equipment and storage solutions to easily implement your contextual mathematics program. A variety of equipment packages are available to fit your needs.

Energy Concepts provides modular laboratory furniture that allows for many custom configurations. It is both durable and attractive furniture that will stand up to years of use. The foam storage system keeps equipment organized and provides easy inventory control.

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