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Using reliable products from these top manufacturers, we develop classrooms with the most appropriate delivery of curriculum

so that students will have a meaningful learning experience as they focus on the applications of science and technology . 

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Digiac Many courses are available online, as .html or PowerPoint Heathkit  Support materials include presentation in both .html and PowerPoint versions.
IT (A+, NET+, INET+) Certification PC Servicing
IT 20/20 Information Technology PC Troubleshooting
Digiac Telecommunications PC Maintenance
Working with the Internet Network Technology
  Introduction to Networking Technologies
  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  A+ Certification Test Prep
  Practical Network Cabling System (Copper, Fiber, and Wireless)


























Introduce Your Students to the World of PC Technology

In today’s technology-driven world there is an increasing demand for qualified, experienced computer technicians. With our PC Systems Servicing course, you can prepare your students to meet this demand, as well as provide a comprehensive introduction to the world of PC technology.

PC Systems Servicing is a flexible, modular course which can be expanded with lab and reading assignments, if desired. Students learn what a PC is, how it works and the operating systems that control it. They also learn about components that make up a PC, take measurements using a digital Multimeter, develop a mastery of the newest operating systems and learn basic system servicing using our exclusive Fault Insertion and Removal Modules (FIRM). The course supports the latest CompTIA A+ Certification objectives, ensuring your students learn the most essential industry material.

With PC Systems Servicing, you’ll receive the industry’s best textbooks and workbooks, as well as complete instructor materials, making it easy to communicate important technical information. You’ll also receive a data recovery CD, allowing you to recover original data to the hard drive from any situation.

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PC Technology Prepare Students for Systems Repair and Maintenance

As computer technology becomes increasingly complex, the level of practical knowledge necessary to maintain these systems must increase. That’s why we offer PC Systems Troubleshooting, an advanced training program which expands on the topics offered in our PC Systems Servicing course. Packed with theoretical information and hands-on experiments, the course enables students to master PC configuration and troubleshooting, using the latest hardware and operating systems.

In the course, students learn to configure and upgrade systems with components such as memory, modems and sound cards. They also study advanced techniques for evaluating, isolating and identifying PC malfunctions down to the board, module and configuration level. Using our exclusive Fault Insertion and Removal Modules (FIRM), students assess their knowledge and diagnostic skills on a full range of complex malfunctions. Through hands-on exercises, students identify problem areas and explain how they reached their conclusion. This technique builds knowledge and promotes critical thinking.

Combined with our PC Systems Servicing course, PC Systems Troubleshooting prepares your students for the CompTIA A+ Certification exam and real-world job opportunities.  Today, more and more companies require technicians to be CompTIA A+ Certified. After these courses, students can take the CompTIA A+ exam with confidence. In addition, these courses provide the practical, hands-on experience necessary to truly succeed in today’s job market.

PC Systems Troubleshooting includes the industry’s best texts and workbooks, complete instructor materials, and necessary hardware and software –– everything you need to communicate important technical information.

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Prepare Your Students for Networking Careers

Today, virtually every organization relies on a network to speed internal communications, connect people and data, and run vital enterprise systems. However, for many, these networks are difficult to install, maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot due to a shortage of qualified network technicians.

Networking Technology and Practices is a 90-hour course that gives students the practical training to troubleshoot and maintain network hardware and software. It also prepares students for the challenging CompTIA Network+ Certification exam. In the course, students learn the protocols of TCP/IP and the Internet, as well as how to specify, install and maintain local area networks. Using our exclusive networking Fault Insertion and Removal Modules (FIRM), students also practice analyzing symptoms, and diagnosing, isolating and servicing typical hardware malfunctions.

Networking Technology and Practices includes industry-best textbooks and workbooks, complete instructor materials, hands-on experiments and more - everything you need to present complex information in an accessible and engaging system.

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  In today’s modern home, computers have become a staple like the stove and refrigerator of years gone past. Computers bring information into the home via the Internet; control the thermostat while you’re out of town; they can even turn on the lights and close the blinds for you in the evening. So it comes as no surprise that computers are now being used for “phone calls”. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the use of a computer for verbal communication -- users are able to use the computer as they would their old phone lines.  As demand for VoIP increases in the home, so does the need for skilled VoIP technicians.  Heathkit Educational Systems (HES) has created a course that introduces the fundamentals and basic principles of VoIP technology. through hands-on experiments and detailed exercises, students will be given a solid foundation for an exciting new career in VoIP.

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Introduction to Networking Technologies
  Computers are being used in today’s homes much like they are being used in businesses -- for everything from financial management to research to design.  And as the computer becomes more of an integral part of the home, families are finding that multiple computers are needed to accomplish all tasks at hand, and are networking all of them together. A networked computer provides more security, data space, and at times, mobility (wireless networking).  Heathkit Educational Systems (HES) has developed a course, for the HTI Technician, that provides the foundation for configuring and installing a home networking system. Through a series of hands-on experiments and detailed instruction, students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully network computers for the home.

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PC Maintenance
  More flexibility is the cornerstone of Heathkit's new PC Maintenance FIRM. Heathkit has combined the best features and components of our PC System Servicing and PC System Troubleshooting courses into one package for an overall approach to computer maintenance. For classrooms already equipped with computers, instructors will find curriculum and hardware that are compatible with most PCs. This eliminates the need for the purchase of additional computer trainers. In addition, instructors are able to choose any commercially available text to supplement PC Maintenance FIRM courseware. By augmenting the PC Maintenance FIRM with Heathkit's A+ Test Prep package, you are able to create the most cost-efficient path to certification available today. The end result is a flexible, cost-effective computer maintenance course.

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This Heathkit EWS-545 Practical Network Cabling System teaches copper connectivity, fiber connectivity, and wireless technology, then integrates them into a single practical system.  Combining these into one system makes the training system unique and the most effective trainer for telecommunications and LAN or WAN networks.  Connect multiple units together with out ladder kits and allow your students to send data between trainers.  From Entrance Facility to Equipment Room to Wiring Closet to Work Area students plan, pull, punch-down, probe, and improvise network wiring in a clean, safe, and controlled environment.  At the end of class, simply store the tools and components inside the cabinet, secure the closing doors with locks and roll the trainer away.  The practical Network Cabling System will provide 90 hour of instruction, transforming network - wiring skills into employer - hiring skills.


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