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Using reliable products from these top manufacturers, we develop classrooms with the most appropriate delivery of curriculum

so that students will have a meaningful learning experience as they focus on the applications of science and technology . 

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P h a s e  I I  E 9-1-1  S i m u l a t o r


Heathkit Computer Forensics  
Operating systems and programs leave a vast array of evidentiary artifacts that can be used to establish the guilt or innocence of accused parties. Computer forensics has been described as the autopsy of a computer hard drive because specialized software tools and techniques are required to analyze the various levels at which computer data has been stored after the fact.

Computer forensics, once a disipline restricted to a small group of law enforcement officers, is now a booming business. Demand for services is exploding as electronic evidence becomes widely used in court, and as companies become concerned about the use of computer networks for corporate spying and other mischief.

Heathkit's Computer Forensics course prepare your students with knowledge and hands on exercies in the computer forensics field.







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