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MODEL #H-6310
Materials Strengths Tester

The Hampden H-6310 is a hydraulic tensile testing machine with a screw-type operating cylinder which gives completely smooth and step-less loading. The cylinder is operated by means of a crank which is designed so that only light hand power is required to obtain maximum load. The pedagogic design of the machine means that the student can observe what is happening throughout the entire procedure.

  • H-6310-10 Tensile Test Rod Set Option
  • H-6310-20 Brinell Test Piece Set Option
  • H-6310-30 Recording Device Option
  • H-6310-31 Bending Device Option
  • H-6310-32 Large Compression Plates Option
  • H-6310-33 Helical Spring Test Option
  • H-6310-34 Disc Spring Test Option
  • H-6310-35 Electronic Force Measurement Option
  • H-6310-36 Shear Test Option
  • H-6310-37 Deep Draw Test Option
  • H-6310-38 PC-Aided Measurement Recording System Option.
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    MODEL #H-6311
    Torsion Test Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6311 Torsion Test Demonstrator allows the student to examine the torque-transmitting behavior of various materials such as aluminum, steel and copper. The relationship between torque and angle of twist can be examined. The behavior of specimens made of the same materials, but of different geometric cross sections, can be compared. Maximum torsional shearing stress of specimens can be calculated using strain gauges.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6535
    Hydrostatics Bench

    The Hampden Model H-6535 Hydrostatics Bench consists of an assortment of apparatus needed for experiments into the properties of fluids and hydrostatics.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6535-7
    Viscosity Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6535-7 Viscosity Demonstrator provides the student with the means to perform experiments in the measure of viscosity. The application of shear stress to a fluid results in the continual and permanent distortion known as flow. Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to its internal friction i.e. Shear motion. This resistance is due to cohesion of the molecules and molecular transfer from one layer to another setting up a tangential or shear stress. Cohesion predominates in liquids, as temperatures increase cohesion decreases as does viscosity.
    MODEL #H-6640
    Air Flow Unit

    The Hampden Model H-6640 Air Flow Unit is designed to provide the basic air flow facilities necessary to perform fundamental experiments in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. With this unit, the student is able to investigate the characteristics of fans and, with the optional heat transfer modules, investigate the characteristics of liquid to liquid and air to liquid heat transfer.

  • H-6640-10 Liquid to Air Heat Transfer Modules Option
  • H-6640-20 Expansion Coil Heat Exchanger Option
  • H-6640-40 Air Temperature Measurement Package Option
  • H-6640-50 Axial (Propeller) Fan and Reducer Section Option.
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6645
    Series/Parallel Pump Trainer

    The Hampden Model H-6645 Series/Parallel Pump Trainer is a tabletop unit for the operation and investigation of series and parallel pump operation. The trainer consists of two centrifugal pumps that are fed by a common water reservoir and a PVC plumbing arrangement, along with five valves that allow various configurations to be implemented.

  • H-6648 Control Interface Module Option (LabVIEW w/o Software).
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6671
    Two Stage Air Compressor Trainer

    The Hampden Model H-6671 Two-Stage Air Compressor Trainer has been designed to demonstrate thermodynamic principles including pressure, volume, temperature and pressure-volume diagrams.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6710
    Refrigeration Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6710 Refrigeration Demonstrator has been designed to illustrate the fundamental aspects of the refrigeration cycle. This unit allows the student to measure the temperature and pressure at critical points throughout the cycle to better comprehend the processes that occur in the refrigeration cycle.

  • H-6710-CDL (as shown) Refrigeration Demonstrator with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software).
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6715
    Refrigeration Cycle Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6715 Refrigeration Cycle Demonstrator provides the student with an introduction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that heat will not pass from a cold region to a hot region without an “external agency.” The student will be able to observe the evaporator where heat is taken in as the liquid evaporates at low pressure and the condenser where the high pressure vapor condenses and rejects heat. The compressor uses a work input to increase the pressure vapor and the expansion valve controls the flow of liquid from the condenser back to the evaporator.

  • H-6715-CDL Refrigeration Cycle Demonstrator with Computer Data Logging Option
  • H-6715-10 Instrument Package Option.
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6720
    Refrigeration Unit

    The Hampden Model H-6720 Refrigeration Unit has been developed to illustrate the characteristics of a large scale refrigeration system. The student will be able to investigate the theoretical performance of the refrigeration cycle and compare it with the performance of the actual cycle. Additionally, the unit serves as a source of chilled water for use in heat transfer experiments.

  • H-6720-CDL Refrigeration Unit with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software).
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6730
    Environmental Control Unit

    The Hampden Model H-6730 Environmental Control Trainer has been designed to teach the fundamental principles of room air conditioning. The unit has sufficient capacity to air condition an entire room with control over the temperature, humidity and air movement. The refrigerant used is HFC-134a.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6740
    Air Ventilation System Trainer

    The Hampden Model H-6740 Air Ventilation System Trainer permits the operational study of residential, commercial, and industrial air ventilation systems.

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    MODEL #H-6805
    Temperature Measurement Bench, Type K

    The Hampden Model H-6805 Temperature Measurement Bench is designed to allow students to determine the operating characteristics of temperature measuring devices. The student is able to measure the accuracy, response time, repeatability, hysteresis and other characteristics of a temperature measuring device. The unit can also be used to test temperature measuring devices against reference standards. Model H-6805 shown with optional Model H-6805-10 and Model H-6805-20

  • H-6805-10 Air Compressor and Pressure Regulator Option
  • H-6805-20 Thermistor Package Option
  • H-6805-30 Thermocouple Type J Package Option
  • H-6805-40 Thermocouple Type T Package Option
  • H-6805-50 Thermocouple Type E Package Option.
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6807
    Fluidization and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6807 Fluidization and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Demonstrator demonstrates air flow through packed or fluidized bed of granular material as well as heat transfer.

  • H-6807-CDL Fluidization and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Demonstrator with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software)
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6810
    Pressure Measurement Bench

    The Model H-6810 Pressure Measurement Bench consists of various components designed to demonstrate practical measurements. It can be used to test and calibrate other pressure instruments and consists of the following: • Test Bench • Pressure Transducers • Test Gauge • Dead Weight Tester • Vacuum-Pressure Air Pump • Manometers

  • H-6810-10 PV Transducer Option
  • H-6810-11 Oscilloscope (60 MHz) Option.
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6820
    Dual Heat Pump Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6820 Dual Heat Pump Demonstrator demonstrates the fundamental aspects of a heat pump system. This system, which utilizes both air and water as a heat source, allows the student to measure the temperature and pressure at critical points throughout the cycle to better understand the various processes that occur in the heat pump system.

  • H-6820-CDL Dual Heat Pump Demonstrator with Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o Software).
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6821
    Water Chiller Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6821 Water Chiller Demonstrator demonstrates the fundamental aspects of a water chiller system. This system utilizes a double pipe evaporator and condenser and allows the student to measure temperature and pressure at critical points throughout the cycle to better understand the various changes that occur in the cycle.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6822
    Vapor Compression Refrigeration Trainer

    The Hampden Model H-6822 Vapor Compression Refrigeration Trainer has been designed to show the fundamental aspects of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle. The student can observe the heat transfer processes occurring in the evaporator and condenser, and also evaluate the cycle performance by monitoring the temperature, pressure, and flow rate at critical points in the cycle.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6826
    Vortex Tube Refrigerator

    The Hampden Model H-6826 Vortex Tube Refrigerator permits the study of the characteristics of vortex tube refrigerating effects. The student has the opportunity to determine the ability to produce cold air from a device with no moving parts.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6320
    Structures Test System Base

    The Structures Test System is a bench-top sized "learning laboratory" system designed to test and indicate the effects of static and dynamic mechanical loading on models of various engineering components and structures such as beams ("I"-beams, "T"-beams, rectangular and round beams, etc.), simple and complex bridge trusses, cantilever beams and trusses, crane trusses and the like.

  • H-6320-10 Plastic Truss Option
  • H-6320-20 Wing-beam with Whiffle Tree Option
  • H-6320-30 Determinate Bridge Truss Option
  • H-6320-30RK Replacement Kit for H-6320-30
  • H-6320-40 Indeterminate Bridge Truss Option
  • H-6320-40RK Replacement Kit for H-6320-40
  • H-6320-50 Horizontal Truss Option
  • H-6320-60 Crane Beam Option
  • H-6320-70 Vertical Extension Channel Option
  • H-6320-71 Flat Beam Assembly Option
  • H-6320-CDL (as shown) Structures Test System Base with Computer Data Logging Option
  • H-6320-100 Option Package consisting of: (H-6320-10/-20/-30/-40/-50/-60/-70).
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6350
    Nozzle Pressure Distribution Trainer

    The Hampden Model H-6350 Nozzle Pressure Distribution Trainer allows the student to investigate pressure distribution and mass flow rate in nozzles. Three types of nozzles are provided covering convergent and convergent-divergent.

  • H-6350-CDL (as shown) Nozzle Pressure Distribution Trainer with Computer Data Option (LabVIEW w/o Software)
    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6510
    Drainage and Seepage Tank Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6510 Drainage and Seepage Tank Demonstrator has been developed to investigate water flow through permeable media. Using sand as the medium and two-dimensional models, flow lines can be determined as well as the distribution of up-lift pressure and seepage rates.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6523A
    Sediment Transport Channel Demonstrator

    The Hampden Model H-6523A Sediment Transport Channel Demonstrator investigates suspended sediment in a moving stream and bed load movement. The moving stream can be controlled over a wide range to simulate fast flowing streams or slow moving rivers, demonstrating the various size and density of partial deposits. Slope is adjustable from 0-10%.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6526
    Ground Water Flow Tank

    The Hampden Model H-6526 Ground Water Flow Tank provides a means of investigating simple three dimensional flow models utilizing sand as a medium.

    Data Sheet
    MODEL #H-6530
    Hydraulic Demonstration Channel (6")

    The Hampden Model H-6530 Hydraulic Demonstration Channel is designed to investigate analytical applications of fluid mechanics to situations in which fluids can be treated as continuous media. The particular laws involved include conservation of mass, continuity, energy, and momentum. Application of these laws may be simplified in order to describe quantitatively the behavior of the fluid.

  • H-6530-10-6 Pipe Flow Set Option
  • H-6530-11-6 SAF Stilling Basin Option
  • H-6530-12-6 Pipe Drop Inlet Option
  • H-6530-13-6 Hydraulic Jump Basin Option
  • H-6530-14-6 Sluice Gate with Pressure Taps Option
  • H-6530-15-6 Weir - V-Notch Option
  • H-6530-16-6 Weir - Broad Crest Option
  • H-6530-17-6 Spillway Section Option
  • H-6530-18-6 Inclined Slope Option
  • H-6530-19-6 Contraction/Expansion Section Option (Requires H-6530-10-6)
  • H-6530-20-6 Wave Generator Option
  • H-6530-21 Venturi Meter Option (Requires H-6530-10-6)
  • H-6530-22 Flow Nozzle Pipe Section Option (Requires H-6530-10-6)
  • H-6530-23-6 Gauge Carrier Option
  • H-6530-24 Pitot Tube Option (Requires H-6530-23-6)
  • H-6927-10 Digital Differential Pressure Manometer Option
  • H-6530-26 Reynold’s Experiment Apparatus Option (Requires H-6530-23-6)
  • H-6530-27 Hook & Point Gauges for precise measurement of water surface elevation Option (Requires H-6530-23-6)
  • H-6530-31-6 Crump Weir Option.
    Data Sheet