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Tabletop CIM

Tabletop CIM System


System Mini CIM System

Full CIM System

Full CIM System

TII offers three levels of CIM systems designed to fit your needs and budget. From Tabletop CIM to Mini CIM to full CIM systems featuring overhead gantry robots. These teaching systems emphasize manufacturing's progression into high technology.

Best of all, the industrial grade components used in all CIM systems are durable enough to withstand continuous use...and friendly enough to build the trainee's confidence.

Curriculum and exercises cover the basic concepts of each component and then move into system integration and operation.


TII CIM/CIE Cells are known for certain features which are clearly beneficial for training and demonstration applications. A few of these features and benefits are outlined here. A variety of CIM/CIE Cell configurations are readily available. In addition, custom cells can be designed to fill the needs of nearly any Computer Integrated Manufacturing program.

  • The TII CIM Cell, with its overhead "Gantry" design, creates an authentic, Computer Integrated Manufacturing environment in a school laboratory.

  • Significant space savings, genuine CIM, and the ability to use a single robot to serve several modules. These are only a few of the ways the "Gantry" style CIM cell can benefit your program.

  • A large variety of standard equipment (robots, mills, lathes, conveyors, visions systems, bar code readers, etc.) can be easily integrated into TII's CIM Cell.

  • You are not locked into a single source for equipment. Donated, existing, and third party equipment can usually be integrated into a TII CIM Cell.

  • System software is industry proven, MS-DOS based, and modular in design. It is compatible with most CNC and IBM applications.
  • Flexibility; a wide range of cell configurations are available which can easily match any organization's training goals.

  • Intellution's "The Fix" (trademarked) process monitoring control software is flexible, easy to implement, multi-tasking and has real-time color graphics animation.
  • Only a minimum of training is required to manage, operate, and support the TII CIM Cell. Saves valuable time needed for teaching and research.
  • High quality instructional materials included are designed by industrial and educational professionals.

  • Trainees will gain authentic CIM Cell knowledge and skills. No simulator, or mere conveyor system can rival this learning environment.

  • Hardware and software support is provided by TII's user support group. Instructor training and toll free phone support are available.
  • Users are not left alone to learn and master all of this technology at once. Support is only a phone call away.
  • Over time, as this technology matures, additions and revisions are inevitable.

  • With easy to obtain, industry standard components, the total long-term investment of both time and money is significantly reduced with a TII CIM Cell.