Energy Concepts, Inc. manufactures a wide range of test and measurement instruments that are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the classroom. The qualities of these rugged and reliable instruments are unmatched. To meet the most critical applications, ECI's instruments are designed with a dynamic overload protection. This feature disconnects the input/output from the circuit and eliminates the need to replace fuses and downtime is avoided.

A comprehensive Operation Manual is provided with each instrument. These highly-illustrated manuals include instructions on how to maximize use of the instrument and include practical application exercises. If you need to observe a complex waveform, measure frequency, count pulses or generate a square wave, we've included easy-to-follow, "how to" procedures.

Calibration procedures, schematics, parts list and circuit analysis are covered in a very descriptive maintenance manual.

All of these features coupled with a full three-year warranty make ECI's instrumentation the right choice!

Digital Multimeters


Digital Multimeter 50200A - $595

Tunnel Mount 50220A - $495

Digital Multimeter, Fluke - $190

Digital Multimeter - $60

This easy-to-operate and versatile instrument is designed for educational and industrial applications. This rugged, line-operated unit is backed by a three-year warranty.


  • Large 3 1/2 Digit, 7-Segment LED Display.
  • Broadband RMS accurate measurement of AC signals.
  • Auto polarity, decimal, zero, and over-range indication.
  • High-input impedance on all ranges never loads the circuit.
  • Voltage, current, and resistance have separate inputs that can be simultaneously connected.
  • Easy function selection with pushbutton switch for current, voltage, or Ohms measurement.
  • Dynamic overload protection.


MOSFET Multimeters


MOSFET Multimeter 50500B - $595

Tunnel Mount 50520B - $495

Electronic FET Multimeter, Protek - $75

The MOSFET Multimeter includes the outstanding feature of auto polarity on an analog meter. This rugged and versatile unit gives you accurate measurements. Leads for voltage, current and resistance measurements can be conveniently connected simultaneously.


  • Easy-to-read, large mirror-backed meter display.
  • 7 separate measurement functions through 63 ranges.
  • High-input impedance.
  • Effectively measures small micro-volt and milli-volt signals.
  • Pushbutton function switch for current, voltage, or Ohms measurement.
  • Auto polarity eliminates the requirement to reconnect test leads.
  • Dynamic overload protection, no fuses to replace.
  • Full three-year warranty.


Quad Digital Power Supply 20800B - $850

 Tunnel Mount 20820B - $750


A universal power supply that is used for a broad range of applications. This unit provides two continuously variable, regulated, low-voltage sources that can be connected in series or in parallel. Both sources are protected from short circuits and reverse voltage.


  • 0-25 VDC voltage, 1.2 amp, fixed 5 VDC, 5 amp, and fixed 12.6 VAC, 1 amp center tapped source.
  • Tracking of source "A" by source "B" at any ratio from 0-100%.
  • Flashing LED error signal.
  • A 3-digit, 7-segment display that monitors voltage and current for sources.
  • While tracking, an overload in either source causes both to shut down.
  • Full three-year warranty.


High Current Power Supply 20600E - $595

Tunnel Mount 20620E - $495


This unit is designed to be durable and reliable. It is an ideal power source for small DC motors.


  • 0-24 VDC voltage, 10 amp max.
  • 0-24 VAC variable, 15 amp max.
  • 130 VAC variable, 0-2 amp max.
  • A 3-digit, 7-segment display that monitors voltage and current.
  • Flashing LED error signal.
  • Reverse voltage and short circuit protected.
  • Full three-year warranty.


Digital Solid-State Power Supply 20500D - $595

Tunnel Mount 20520B - $495

ECI's most popular power supply for general lab use. Designed to withstand use in the classroom, this durable instrument has a three-year warranty.


  • 0-25 VDC voltage, 1.2 amp, fixed +5 VDC, 2 amp, and fixed 12.6 VAC, 1 amp center tapped source.
  • Large 3-digit, 7-segment LED display.
  • Flashing LED overload indicators.
  • Short circuit and reverse voltage protected.
  • Overload shutdown protection at 2 amps fixed.
  • All outputs available simultaneously.


Quad Digital AC/DC Power Supply - 20800B - $850

Tunnel Mount - 20820B - $750


 Industrial Power Supply 24300


The most practical power source for an industrial maintenance program. This unit has dual digital meters, electronic overload shut down, key start switch, and lighted emergency disconnect. Output connectors available on this unit include, banana jacks, Cinch-Jones 10 pin female, and a grounding type AC outlet.


  • 3-phase 220 VAC fixed voltage, 0-15 amp.
  • 0-120 VAC variable, 0-10 amp.
  • 0-120 VDC variable, 0-10 amp.
  • 0-120 VAC fixed, 0-10 amp.
  • 0-120 VDC fixed, 0-10 amp.
  • 2 large 3-digit, 7-segment LED displays.
  • Alternate action volts/amps pushbutton.
  • Short Circuit and reverse voltage protected.
  • Overload protection for 3-phase 220 VAC:
    ganged thermal circuit breaker with external reset.
  • Overload protection for all other outputs:
    Thermal circuit breakers with external reset.

Function Generators


Function Generator 40600 - $595

Tunnel Mount 40620 - $495

3MHz Instek - $199

*Sine/Square, Portable 40700 - $395

*Tunnel Mount 40720 - $295


An extremely versatile generator equipped with the necessary functions and operational features to satisfy a variety of applications.


  • Sine, Square and Triangle outputs with variable amplitude.


  • Outputs and functions are dynamically protected against reverse voltage.
  • 1 kHz internal modulation signal.
  • DC Offset.
  • Voltage controlled generator.
  • Output can be modulated by an external signal source.
  • Hi Output: 0-20 V p-p, Open Circuit: 0-10 V p-p into 75 Ohms.
  • Lo Output: 0-2 V p-p, Open Circuit: 0-1 V p-p into 75 Ohms.
  • Three-year warranty.


 Dual-Trace Oscilloscopes


GOS-622G - 20 MHz Dual Trace, Instek - $450

30820 D - 20 MHz Dual Trace - $550

30850 - 50 MHz Dual Trace w/Delay - $895

GOS-620FG - 20 MHz Dual Trace w/Function Generator, Instek - $520

30920 E -   20 MHz Dual Trace  - $595 

30925 E -    Locking Cover  - $150

A very popular general purpose oscilloscope designed to be economical with features typically found in more expensive instruments.


  • Front panel designed for ease of use by the operator.
  • Outstanding transient response of square wave signals.
  • Vertical deflection has 12 calabrated ranges for the most practical measurement applications.
  • X-Y operation.
  • Highly versatile triggering system.
  • Available with a locking front-panel cover.
  • Comprehensive operation manual includes practical application exercises.
  • Three-year warranty.

We offer a broad range of oscilloscopes, including digital storage capabilities. If your needs require other capabilities, please contact us.



GFC-8010H, 120 Mhz Digital, Instek - $199

GFC-8131H, 1.3 GHz Digital, Instek - $308

GFC-8270H, 2.7 GHz Intelligent, Instek - $396


* Limited Supply

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